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As detailed in article 6 of the law n° 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 of the digital consumer rights, the site www.privilege-services.lu has the following people involved in the site :

Owner : Privilege Services Sàrl – L-1331 Luxembourg

Editor : Privilege Services Sàrl

Credits : these terms and conditions were made and supplied by SubDelirium Agence Communication Angoulême
 Hébergeur : Visual Online S.A. – Z.I. Weiergewan 6, rue Goell L-5326 Contern.


2. General conditions for the use of this site and the services provided


The use of the site www.privilege-services.lu implies full and complete acceptance of the general conditions set out below. These conditions may be modified or changed at any time, the users of the site www.privilege-services.lu are therefore advised to consult these terms and conditions regularly.

The site is normally accessible at any time. There may be a service interruption due to maintenance at any time which will be decided by www.privilege-services.lu, who will notify users of the time and date of the maintenance. The site is regularly updated by Ludivine Fuchs-Didelot. The terms and conditions can be modified at any time: it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they refer to these terms and are aware of the current terms at all times.




The site www.privilege-services.lu provides information on all activities of the company. Privilege Services provides as accurate information as possible on the site www.privilege-services.lu . However, it is not in any way responsible for inaccuracies, omissions, and any information that may be lacking on the site be this in the information provided by themselves of their partners.

All information provided by the site www.privilege-services.lu are given as examples only and are subject to change. The information provided by www.privilege-services.lu on their site is not an exhaustive list, it may be added to or modified at any time and may not include changes that have happened since their updating.




The internet site www.privilege-services.lu is not responsible for any material damage which may result from using the site. The visitor is held responsible for accessing the site with recent technology which does not contain viruses and whose browser is up to date.




Privilege Services is the owner of all the intellectual property rights and owns the rights to all the elements accessible on the site, notably the text, images, graphics, logo, icons, sound and software.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the site no matter by what means is strictly forbidden except with written permission from Privilege Services.
Any non-authorised use of the site or any of the elements which compose the site will be considered a contravention of the Intellectual Property Code and will be prosecuted accordingly.




Privilege Services cannot be responsible for any direct or indirect damage to the users hardware or software which does not comply with the points mentioned in point 4, while accessing the site www.privilege-services.lu be that from a bug or incompatibility.

Privilege Services also cannot be held responsible for indirect damages resulting from visiting the site www.privilege-services.lu such as loss of market share or opportunities.

We offer interactive forms that allow the visitor to contact us at any time. Privilege Services reserves the right to delete, without notice, the content sent through these forms which may countervene the legislation applicable in Luxembourg, in particular relation to personal data. If necessary, Privilege Services also reserves the right to prosecute, through penal or civil court, any user that engages in racist, abusive, defammatory, or pornagraphic behaviour no matter by what means be it in any form (for example text, photos…).




By using the site www.privilege-services.lu, the following data may be collected: the url by which the user accesses the site www.privilege-services.lu, the ISP of the user, the IP of the user. The company Privilege Services only collects these for it’s internal use in order to correctly provide it’s services through the site.

We wish to remind the user that in reference to the law article 67 of the law of 18 April 2001 on author rights, database and other rights that the ‘extraction and reuse of all or part of a database whether qualitative or quantitative without the express agreement of the owner’ as well as ‘the extraction and repeated, systematic reuse of part of the substantial contents of a database which would be against the normal use of this database or which would cause unjustifiable prejudice to the legitimate interests of the owner of the database’.

As stated in the law of 2nd August 2002 which relates to the protection of the individual as relates to treatment of their personal data, every user has the right to modify or oppose the data which concerns them by written, signed demand accompanied by a copy of their identity card specifying to which address they would like a reply to be sent.

The site www.privilege-services.lu does not publish, exchange, transfer, give or sell the information provided by it’s users by any means to any third party. Only in the event of the company Privilege Services being bought would the data be transferred to the new owner. This new owner would also be held responsible to the same obligations as outlined here for the site www.privilege-services.lu.
The site is not declared with the CNIL because it does not collect personal data.
The database is protected by the measures outlined in the law of 1st July 1998 which replaces the directive 96/9 of 11th march 1996 relative to the legal use of databases.




The site www.privilege-services.lu contains a number of hyperlinks to other sites added with the permission of Privilege Services. Privilege Services is not able to verify the content of these sites and will not be held responsible for this content if the user chooses to click and visit these sites.

By navigating to the site www.privilege-services.lu the user accepts that Privilege Services places a cookie on the computer of the user. A cookie is a small file which does not allow the identification of the user but records information about the browsing the user does on the site. The information collected is used to improve future navigation on the site and to measure visitor statistics.
If the user refuses to allow the cookie to be installed this may lead certain parts of the site or services to not work.
The user can configure their computer to not allow cookies by following these stePrivilege Services:
In Internet Explorer : Tab Tools/Internet Options. Click on ‘Confidentiality’ and choose ‘Block cookies’. Click ‘OK’ to confirm.
In Netscape: Tab Edit/Preferences. Click ‘Advanced’ and choose ‘Deactivate cookies’. Click OK to confirm.




All litigation concerning the use of the site www.privilege-services.lu is under the law of Luxembourg. This is the only court recognised as competent to judge these matters.




Utilisateur : Internaute se connectant, utilisant le site susnommé.

User: Web user who connects to the above mentioned site
Personal information (data): ‘ the information which permits in any format, direct or indirect, the identification of physical people to whom the data belongs’.

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