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Privilege Services is a Private Assistant Agency in Luxemburg.

What is a Private Assistant ?

A Private Assistant is someone you trust whom you can delegate your personal commitments such as organizing your travel trips, managing your house staff, coordinating your meetings or managing your mails and bills etc.

Privilege Services guarantees a tailor-made assistance service: our Private Assistants manage your personal commitments in a professional and transparent way.

Who might be interested in this service ?

Everyone who is feeling there is not enough time to manage the day-to-day planning.

A good balance between your work and your private life is essential! This is the condition to improve your mood, your health, your productivity without forgetting the quality of your relationships with your private and professional environment. Seeking a Private Assistant achieves this balance and allows you to spend your free time in positive activities conducive to relaxation, your work, your family, or even develop your social connections to discover the pleasure of a new quality of life!

Your tailor-made assistance evolutes over your life: if you need more at a time of the year or at a moment of your career. Your Private Assistant adapts his work to your lifestyle.

Having its own Private Assistant is a comfort and a privilege. It opens other perspectives to enjoy more pleasant moments and exciting opportunities in your personal life.

Values and Quality Charter

As a Private Assistant from Privilege Services, we are committed to :

Preserve your privacy at all times,
Offer a full availability and quick solutions to all your requests,
Anticipate your desires and be a source of proposals,
Act and react effectively and efficiently,
Work closely with a network of trusted partners,
Defend your interests with providers mandated; our foremost priority is your satisfaction,
Maintain a high level of service through our expertise and our professionalism,
Be constantly attentive to your needs and desires and so get to know your individuality,
Get benefits bespoke and exclusive both innovative and relevant,
Adapt our methods and enrich our skills to evolve our services in time.
Privilege Services is the First Luxemburgish Member of Réseau des Professionnels de la Conciergerie and signed the quality charter of this European Network.

Private Assistant Benefits

Your Private Assistant follows-up and coordinates your personal requests.
He is the key element in your everyday life and knows how to take over the mission that you entrust with diplomacy and intelligence.

Make your time more valuable by building your reputation, enjoying your family or boosting your business: your Assistant Private is the link to help you with these goals.

Our turnkey services can be managed by your Assistant Private himself or by external partners carefully sorted.

A Private Assistant can help you on a one-time basis or assist you regulary.

– One-time service will be charge on a hourly basis.
– Standard assistance includes monthly up to 5 hours support.

Both assistance packages are fully customisable to suit your family needs (prices on request).

We shall, of course, be delighted to give any additional explanations that you may require.

Please contact us.