Cleaning Services

Privilege Services specializes in household personnel recruitment – domestic services – in the home.

Privilege Services contracts, trains and supervises their personnel in order to meet your demands.

It is with a lot of respect for the household professions that Privilege Services is proud to offer their quality Staff, rigorously vetted on recruitment, guided and trained with care and supervised with diligence and attention to detail.


OUR SERVICES : 2 options


Privilege Services has chosen the tradition of quality home help by offering two options which are different from the classic choices :

  •  Household service : a truly effective ally in your daily life
  • Housekeeping service : The rare gem capable of ensuring the smooth running of your household


Option 1: Household Service

Our cleaning ladies take care of the interior of your house and contributes to the happiness of your home by working autonomously and proactively

Their tasks :

  • House management: sweeping, vacuuming, airing, cleaning floors, carpets, bathrooms, kitchen, changing and making beds, cleaning and polishing precious objects, cleaning easily accessible windows, washing up…

  • Cleaning the inside of cupboards

  • Doing the laundry: ironing and putting away in cupboards

  • Machine washing household laundry (sheets, towels)

  • Looking after and maintain the cleaning equipment

  • Decorating the house, water and take care of indoor plants

  • Feeding household animals


Option 2 – Housekeeping Service

Our Housekeeping service takes care of all your daily household needs. We will look after and manage your home from housekeeping to cooking your favourite dishes. You will enjoy exceptional service where attention to detail is paramount.


Their tasks :

  • Tidy the main rooms

  • Clean, iron, sort, dry, put away the laundry paying attention to make sure each fabric is washed appropriately

  • Manage stocks of cleaning products

  • Clean copper, silver and precious possessions

  • Take care of the floral arrangements for the home and look after the outside plants

  • Look after the household animals, feed them and walk them

  • Prepare the family suitcases before travel

  • Welcome and settle in guests, prepare their bedrooms and make sure they have everything they need

  • Plan and cook family meals taking into account likes/dislikes, and dietary restrictions

  • do the food shopping, take clothes to the dry cleaners, go to the Post Office, etc…


This is not an exhaustive list, it can be tailored to your requirements, whatever you need we can help.

– Our Manager –

Sabine Knop

Household Services Manager

– Our Collaborators –





Companion Housekeeper














Head Housekeeper





The advantages of Privilege Services :

As recruitment professionals we rigorously manage the selection of our staff and demand solid and verifiable references.

Quality internal training is obligatory for each member of the PRIVILEGE SERVICES team.

We ensure client satisfaction and the quality of work of our staff thanks to ad-hoc, impromptu visits to your house (with your permission of course and depending on your schedule)

There is no administration required from you. You receive a monthly bill detailing the actual hours worked by your staff member

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